Pre-1900 Railroad Map

This pre-1900 railroad map of the Iron Mountain & Southern RR shows the Gads Hill location (left side of the large R). The James/Younger gang passed through Chalk Bluff Arkansas located at the extreme upper right corner of Arkansas (not on modern maps). The most logical route north for them would have been on dry land between the Black River on the left and the St. Francis River on the right. The 1870 census indicates my great, great grandparents were living near Altha, Stoddard County. This is the only map that I have found that shows Altha.

(Click map to enlarge)

5 thoughts on “Pre-1900 Railroad Map

  1. Excellent article. Lots of detail work done on this!

  2. Thanks. My daughter is my blog moderator and graphic design artist.

  3. My grandfather owned a farm along the St.Francis river and Chalk Bluff rver crossing . When I was a small boy from 5-8 years old .. many times men would come to ask permission to pass on the farm going to the Chalk Bluff river crossing and said they were looking for Gold . I have no knolledge of them finding anything , but they said there use to be a cannon in the river , this cannon was supposed to have been used to hide gold then was pushed off into the river to hide this gold .. this was done by the confederate army in retreat from Union troops . My two uncles just a few years older than i told of diving off the end of that cannon while swimming in the river .. Dalton’s owned the Farm where Chalk Bluff state park is today it joined my grandfather’s land .. Oh by the way my Email is not working , you may contact me on Facebook (Freddy Joe Tate )

    • fINIS sTEWART OF aLANTA GA. is the last surviver of the Stewart family that lived on the farm next to Chalk Bluff and was one of the uncles that has stated they swam in the St. Francis river at Chalk Bluff crossing and had used the cannon to dive off of . Chalk Bluff is also a state park where about 300 men died in a battle between the Confederate and the Union Armies ..

    • Thanks for the comments and information. I recall that back in the 1970’s, Bob Todd, editor of the River Hills Traveler, wrote an interesting article on lost treasure in the St. Francis River. I don’t know if it is the same incident. I think he still lives and works at Piedmont. He might have info on it. Thanks for visiting the Sundown Trail.

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